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JHS The Milkman Echo/Slap Delay with Boost

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JHS The Milkman Echo/Slap Delay with Boost

You Need the Milkman

The Milkman is a collaborative idea between Josh Scott of JHS Pedals and Tim Marcus of Milkman Sound. The concept is simple: a single pedal that offers up an echo/slap delay and a boost that can also be used as an always-on enhancer. So here we are, an easy-to-use boost/echo 2-in-1 pedal with a small footprint that fits into any rig with ease. We’d love to go on and on about The Milkman, but its beauty is in its simplicity...and tone of course. If you play country, rockabilly, swing, surf, or any other style of good old American twang, you need a slap echo and you need a boost.

JHS and Milkman Sound

Tim Marcus from Milkman Sound crafts some of our favorite amplifiers, is a good friend, and a killer pedal steel/Tele-type player. So when we found out he was looking for the perfect pedal for his brand of Americana picking, we jumped at the chance to make it for him. Here you go Tim!

  • Delay tuned for slap-back junkies
  • Transparent boost is great for getting above the mix or pushing an amp into overdrive
  • Compact enclosure will sit comfortably on a cramped pedalboard

You're Gonna Get Slapped

The echo effect on this stomp is finely tuned to deliver a hybrid of tape and bucket brigade tone with the ability to easily dial in the exact settings you want. There are plenty of do-it-all delay pedals, but we don’t think any of them can out slap The Milkman.

  • Maximum delay time of about 240ms makes dialing in the perfect slap much easier
  • Controls for Slap (time), Mix (delay level), Repeat (number of repeats), and EQ (tone of repeats)
  • Tuned to sound great on any setting

An Addictive Clean Boost

We’re quite proud of our boosts around JHS. These simple, single-knob affairs can drive your rig into thick overdrive, punch you up above the band, or even massage your tone as an always-on preamp.

  • Discrete amplifier-based circuit with tons of power and character
  • At unity settings, it adds clarity and a 3D quality to your tone
  • Can be used independent of the pedal’s echo effect


  • In one pedal, you get slapback delay and a great-sounding boost
  • Controls for dialing in tone amount, time, sound, and more were
  • Designed in collaboration between JHS and Tim Marcus of Milkman Sound 
  • The boost function is footswitchable and completely variable
  • True bypass construction Compact size is ideal for pedalboards


  • Pedal Type:Echo, Slap Delay, Boost
  • Analog/Digital:Digital
  • Max Delay Time:240ms
  • Inputs:1 x 1/4" (instrument)
  • Outputs:1 x 1/4"
  • True Bypass:Yes
  • Bypass Switching:True Bypass
  • Power Source:9V DC power supply required (sold separately)
  • Power Usage:<100mA
  • Height:1.6"
  • Width:4.8"
  • Depth:2.6"
  • Weight:0.61 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:Milkman

Condition:Very good. Light wear typical of a gently used Pedal. Light surface scratches, scuffs, etc.

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