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Benson Amps Custom Design Preamp Pedal (Wolf Shirt)


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Benson Amps Custom Design Preamp Pedal (Wolf Shirt)

The circuit is based on the Chimera 30-watt guitar amplifier but substitutes FET transistors for the vacuum tubes. The result is an extremely amp-like and versatile clean boost/overdrive/fuzz pedal that imparts rich harmonics and a very musical EQ to your signal chain…truly a Chimera in a box!

Palen Music Center is proud to be the exclusive dealer for Benson Preamps in Shell Pink finish. 

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Palen Music Center has a wide range of unique guitars to enhance the sound of your music! We have been trusted by musicians across the country since 1963 and are constantly working to provide the best value for our customers. With the addition of our new PLEK machine and our longtime veteran luthiers, we are pleased to provide top-quality guitar repair. 


  • Exclusive Shell Pink finish
  • Benson Chimera in a pedal
  • Amp like pedal
  • Does clean boost, overdrive, and fuzz


  • Power Requirements: 9VDC Boss style adapter or battery 50ma
  • Controls: Gain, Volume, Treble, Bass

Condition: Brand New

The pedal pictured is the exact pedal you’ll receive.

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